Custom Poker Chips

Because we believe in providing quality poker products when it came down to customised poker chips, we had to pick the best. We are authorised resellers of Premier Poker Chips who are the UK’s leading Customised Poker Chip Supplier and their poker chips are ranked as the best for performance, design and quality. Over the years, they have supplied chips internationally.

Personalised Poker Chips, Promotional & Gift Ideas

There are various bespoke poker chip styles that are ideal for detailed designs, logos, pictures, numbering and much more, making them popular for all applications of; Casino & Poker Events Promotion; Customised Poker Chips; Bachelor Parties, Social events, Promotional Advertising; Bar, Club & Restaurant; Commemorative Gifts & Wedding Favours. There is a world of applications for this product.


We will assist in the design of your chip and then pass it on to our friends overseas. The prices quoted on their website are what we charge excluding shipping, duties and VAT.

Customised in the UK

All the customisation and branding is done in the UK so please allow some time for delivery.