Custom Poker Cloth

Poker Mats – Turn your dining table into a poker table!

Don’t have space or money for a customised poker table? Why not then purchase the next best thing?? We highly recommend that you consider adding your very own custom printed poker mat. Our friendly team of designers are happy to assist you in creating your signature poker cloth. If you already have your own poker cloth designed, send it on with your order and bring your custom poker table to life!

Customised Poker Mats!

  • Can be made to any size and shape table
  • Can be made to any colour choice
  • Can be customised to include graphics
  • Can be easily rolled up and stored away
  • Poker base is made from strong durable rubber
  • Economical

So for the ultimate experience on a budget but one that still suits your environment and taste, get your customised poker mat today!



Some Designs We’ve Done

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Why not design a customised poker mat that fits your table exactly? Our mats can be taken out for games and put away when done. The perfect companion for your poker evenings!

Our poker mats are locally made, are extremely robust and will last for years but most of all they will fit your table exactly!

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