Artwork Set Up & Origination Per Different Image

Artwork Set Up & Origination Per Different Image | Steamboat Tables Custom Poker Tables
Artwork Set Up & Origination Per Different Image
10 July, 2017
250 x Suited Style Custom Hot Foil Printed Poker Chips | Steamboat Tables Custom Poker Tables
250 x Suited Style Custom Hot Foil Printed Poker Chips
10 July, 2017
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Artwork Set Up & Origination Per Different Image

These hot foil custom printed ABS composite poker chips are one of our most popular selling products. With a 23mm customisable area both sides of the chip, they are ideal for single colour designs, logos, pictures and much more, making them popular for all applications of; Casino & Poker Events Promotion; Customised Poker Chips; Promotional Advertising; Bar, Club & Restaurant; Commemorative Gifts & Wedding Celebrations.

As these chips are customised here at our premises in the UK so we have complete control of the high quality print and production processes, customer design, communication, sampling, scheduling, production and delivery, a service the majority of other third party UK suppliers can not guarantee.

So what’s involved in placing your order? Follow the 5 simple steps below:

  1. Decide what you need your poker chips for? To help you decide there are some suggestions below:
  • Casino & Poker Events Promotion; Casino Chips, Tournament Poker Chips, Roulette Checks, Fun Casino, Branded Poker Advertising, Casino Promotion & Event Advertising.
  • Customised Poker Chips; Home Poker, Poker Nights, Poker Events, Poker League Chips, Poker Tournaments, Corporate Poker, Pub League Chips, Club Poker & Re-Buys Chips.
  • Promotional Advertising; Company Promotions, Business Advertising, Business Cards, Sports Promotions, Golf Promotions, Event Advertising, Product Launches & Promo Give-Aways.
  • Bar, Club & Restaurant; Venue Promotions, Brand Promotions, Food Tokens, Cloak Room Tokens, Gentleman’s Club Tokens, Entry/Re-Entry Tokens & Got One In Drinks Tokens.
  • Commemorative Gifts; Birthday Poker Chips, Anniversaries, Golf Days, Armed Forces Chips, Remembrance, Well Wishes, Special Dates and Events to Remember.
  • Wedding Celebrations; Celebrate your Wedding Day or Wedding Anniversary here in the UK or Las Vegas!!, Stag Do’s Chips and Hen Party Chips.
  1. Design your poker chip images or let us design your ideas with the following points in mind:
  • Ensure your artwork is designed in a Vectored format.
  • Ensure the design you are using are not subject to copyright by another organisation or individual.
  • Ensure your artwork is supplied in order of preference: .PDF .EPS or .AI.
  • Give us as much information as you can, styles, colours, any images, logos, font preference or concept and we will design something for you.
  1. Decide on the quantity of poker chips or tokens required:
  • How many poker chips will you need?
  • What colours will you need and what quantity of each colour?
  • Will you want them loose (tubed into rolls of 25), chip trayed or cased with accessories?
  • We will always be happy to quote you on larger volumes of customised poker chips, and yes they will be subject to a discount when enquired upon.
  1. Send us your enquiry to Custom Poker Chips with the following information:
  • The total number and quantities of each colour of poker chips required.
  • Your complete images, or design concepts.
  • Dates for delivery.
  1. Once we have confirmed your enquiry, we can place your order for you or you can follow the steps below:
  • Initial Hot Foil Block: All orders will need one block which will be used to hot foil print the chips, please select 1 and add to basket.
  • Subsequesnt Hot Foil Blocks: If you require a different design on side 2 of a chip or if you need a different design or value chip, please select the number of additional blocks required and add to basket.
  • Block Set Up: Each different block will need to be set up and tested prior to print, please select the amount of block set ups required and add to basket.
  • 250 x Suited Style Custom Hot Foil Printed Poker Chips: Please select the number of chips required in this price break, any qty from 250 to 999 and add to basket.
  • Checkout: Follow the steps to checkout and pay and we will do the rest.


This is the Artwork Set Up & Origination cost for each different image required and covers the following:

  • Adaptation of received customer artwork to ready for block production.
  • Creation from customer supplied images, logos & design brief.
  • Email proofing of the artwork in black and white.
  • We will do one round of amendments and re-proof for final approval.
  • Upon approval we will send the block for manufacturing.
  • We will then add your project to the production print queues.
  • All our processes are carried out on site in the UK by our design team.


  • Customisable Area: 23mm (across the center section of chip).
  • Etched from 6.5mm Magnessium plate.